Moving from V1 to V2

Note: V2 should only be used in Canada.

You may choose, or have been asked to migrate your application to a newer version of our APIs. Please see the applicable section for details on the migration process.


To update the DirectSend Tokenization to version 2, you can simply modify the request to use api/v2/ rather than api/v1. The biggest change in the versions is that only Name and Number are required for the tokenization of a card. All other fields are optional.

If you tokenize a card that will be used as a source of funds in a Pull transaction (i.e., Prepaid Load, P2P Transfer), expiry_month and expiry_year are required.

Validation for the card is now done when making transactions with the token rather than on tokenization, any issues will be found when trying to make a pull or push transaction rather than on tokenization.

See an example below of a valid payload for the version 2 tokenization:

	"card": {
		"name": "John Doe",
		"number": "4555123456789999"