Create Pull Transaction

Create a transaction to debit a Financial Account for a specific amount.

This has the effect of Pulling funds from a Financial Account so that the amount will appear as a debit on the Financial Account.


amountinteger, requiredtransaction amount, smallest unit of selected currency (example 100000 for $100.00 CAD )
currencystring, requiredtransaction currency, 3 character code
productstring, requiredTo proceed with this transaction, an active subscription for the product is mandatory and if a pull transaction_id is provided, it must correspond to the designated pull product
financial_accountstring, requiredid of the financial account to pull funds from
idempotency_keystringunique value to associate with the transaction request
three_d_secure_idstringid from 3D Secure Authentication
external_tagstringUser defined external tag

EFT only fields

These fields will exclusively impact transactions conducted on the EFT network.

descriptorstring, optionalDescriptor that will be displayed to the owner of the financial account. Usually an invoice or pay stub number
originator_idnumber, optionalProvides the option to specify an alternate originator for EFT transactions, seperate from the default choice.


statusstringThe transaction status
idalphanumericThe transaction ID
financial_accountalphanumericThe encrypted financial account associated with the transaction
currencystringThe country currency for the transaction
amountnumberThe amount of the transaction
gateway_codesarrayCodes returned from the gateway. Each code is an object that includes a code and message field.
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