Get Cardholder Details

List Cardholder details including personal information, account details and cards associated with each account.


Field NameTypeDescription
idNumberID of the cardholder
company_idStringID of the company the cardholder belongs to
external_tagStringUser defined external reference field to store on Card Holder
first_nameStringCardholder's first name
middle_nameString Cardholder's middle name
last_nameString Cardholder's last name
date_of_birthDateCardholder's birth date.
cityString Cardholder's city
stateStringCardholder's state or province
postal_codeStringCardholder's postal code (zip code)
countryNumberThree digit ISO numeric UN M49 country code; Example USA=840, Canada=124.
phoneStringCardholder's primary phone number
emailStringCardholder's email
shipping_methodStringUse shipping method to send the new card plastic.
primary_processor_referenceStringThe processor reference of the cardholders primary (or only) account
created_atDateDate and time the cardholder was created
updated_atDateDate and time the cardholder record was last changed
usernameStringUsername used to log into Cardholder Portal
accountsList of AccountsAccounts belonging to this cardholder. See below for details
bank_detailsBank DetailsBank account details for direct deposit account. Details are for Cardholders primary account only. See below for details
parent_cardholder_idNumberID of the parent cardholder. This feature must be enabled as part of your program.


Field NameTypeDescription
idNumberID of cardholder account
program_idNumberProgram the account is associated with
cardholder_idNumberID of cardholder
processor_referenceStringReference to the account on the processors system
status_codeStringAccount Status
created_atDateDate and time the account was created
updated_atDateDate and time the account record was last changed
cardsList of CardsCards attached to this account. May include replaced cards. See below for more details

Possible Status Codes

not_activeNot Active
lostMarked As Lost
stolenMarked As Stolen
delinquentMarked As Delinquent
shippedShipped/Ready to Activate


Field NameTypeDescription
card_numberStringFull PAN of the card. Will be masked unless the program is set to show sensitive details
expiry_dateDateExpiry date of the card
last_four_digitsStringLast four digits of PAN
statusStringStatus of card

Bank Details

Bank details will only be displayed if direct deposit is enabled for the cardholders primary account.

Field NameTypeDescription
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