List Cardholders

List all Cardholders.


ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
countYesNumberThe total number of Cardholders
limitYesNumberThe maximum number of cardholders in this request
offsetYesNumberThe maximum number of cardholders skipped
dataYesCardholderCardholder data


ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
idYesNumberCardholder ID
company_idYesStringCompany ID
created_atYesStringThe time the Cardholder was created
external_tagYesStringUser defined external tag
primary_processor_referenceYesThe reference that identifies the cardholder to the processor
usernameNoThe cardholder will use this username to log into the cardholder portal
parent_cardholder_idNoNumberID of the parent cardholder. This feature must be enabled as part of your program.
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