Create External Transfer

Create an External Transfer.


ParameterRequiredData TypeNotes
account_idyesNumberAccount ID of the Cardholder sending the External Transfer
external_account_idyesNumberExternal Account ID of the recipient of the External Transfer
amountyesNumberAmount to send to recipient in cents
transfer_typeyesStringType of External Transfer being sent which will be one of the following

direct_send_transfer for peer to peer transfers. Only External Accounts of type person_to_person can use this type.

direct_send_transaction for card to bank transfers. Only External Accounts of type personal_account or personal_funding_account can use this type.
external_tagnoStringName reference for the External Transfer
messagenoStringA message about the External Transfer for the recipient

EFT only fields

These fields will only have effect for transactions on the EFT network.

descriptorstring, optionalDescriptor that will be displayed to the owner of the financial account. Usually an invoice or a pay stub number
originator_idnumber, optionalAllows sending a different originator with the EFT than the default.


ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
idYesNumberID for External Transfer
program_idYesNumberID of the Program associated with the Cardholder's account
cardholder_idYesNumberID of the Cardholder who is sending the transfer
account_idYesNumberID of the Cardholder's account who is sending the transfer
external_account_idYesNumberID of External Account receiving the transfer
external_tagNoStringName reference for the transfer
transaction_idConditionalStringTransaction ID reference for Transaction in Direct Send.
This data is only available for External Transfers of type direct_send_transaction after a successful transfer creation
amountYesStringExternal Transfer amount in cents
messageNoStringMessage to the recipient of the External Transfer
statusYesStringStatus received about the External Transfer from Direct Send
payment_idConditionalStringPayment ID reference for a Payment in Direct Send
only applies to External Transfers that are of type direct_send_transfer
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