Create Value Load

This call allows the user to Load Funds to a cardholder account from the associated master funding account. The recipient's Account ID should be passed as a parameter.

Note: This method only work for active Reloadable cards. You may ask your Berkeley Implementation Manager for more information.


ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
account_idYesIntegerId of an Account
external_tagYesStringUser defined external reference field to store on Value Load
amountYesIntegerSmallest unit of the Programs currency. For example, $10.00 CAD would be sent at 1000
messageNoStringAlphanumeric string including punctuation
transaction_codeNoStringControls the message that is recorded as part of the transaction. Defaults to value_load See Transaction Codes section below for possible values

Only available for Canadian programs


Field NameTypeDescription
idIntegerValue Load ID
external_tagStringUser defined external reference field to store on Value Load
amountIntegerAmount loaded onto Account in smalled unit of Programs Currency. For example, $10.00 CAD would be received as 1000
messageStringAn optional message to store on the Value Load
account_idIntegerID of the Account that the Funds where loaded on to

Transaction Code

For custom transaction codes for your program, please contact your account manager.

Transaction CodeDescription
value_loadValue Load
direct_deposit_loadDirect Deposit
biller_account_loadBiller Account Load
direct_send_loadVisa Direct Load (Berkeley)
direct_send_p2p_loadVisa Direct P2P Load (Berkeley)
cashbackCashback Reward Load
atm_reimbursement_domesticATM surcharge reimbursement (domestic)
atm_reimbursement_intlATM surcharge reimbursement (international)
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