List External Accounts

List all External Accounts for a Cardholder.


Returns an array of External Accounts

ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
idYesNumberID for External Transfer
cardholder_idYesNumberID of the Cardholder associated with the External Account
nameYesStringName of the External Account
emailConditionalStringEmail associatd with the External Account.
Only required for type person_to_person External Accounts
vanity_identifierConditionalStringVanity Identifier associatd with a Direct Send Financial Account to which the Cardholder will send money.
Only required for type personal_account External Accounts
typeYesNumberType of External Account
personal_account is to link a Cardholder to their personal bank account. Cardholders are only able to have one of these types of External Accounts
person_to_person is to link a Cardholder with friends and family members to whom they wish to send money. Cardholders may have many of these types of External Accounts
created_atYesStringTime an External Account was created
updated_atYesStringTime an External Account was updated
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