Modify Account Status

Modifies the status of an Account or Card. You will need to send in the Account ID and the Last Four Digits of the card you would like to modify the status of.
In addition to being able to mark a card stolen, lost, or suspended, you can also initiate an automatic replacement of a card by passing the appropriate action as per the table below. In this case, a new card will be printed and shipped to the cardhodler's address on file.


ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
statusYesStringSee Action Table below
last_four_digitsYesStringCard's Last 4 Digits

Action Table

mark_card_activeUpdate Card Status to Active
mark_card_lostUpdate Card Status to Lost
mark_card_stolenUpdate Card Status to Stolen
initiate_card_lostUpdate Card Status to Lost and trigger replace Card process
initiate_card_stolenUpdate Card Status to Stolen and trigger replace Card process
suspendSuspend Card
unsuspendUnsuspend Card
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