About Card Issuing

The Berkeley Card Issuing API allows you to easily create physical and virtual cards for your prepaid programs.

Physical cards issued through the Berkeley API contain all of the necessary information to create a new cardholder account and a new card that can be customized, printed, and shipped directly to the cardholder.

Virtual cards can be created, issued, and delivered instantly to the cardholder for immediate use.

You can also use the Berkeley Client Portal to manage cards, fund cards, make transfers between cards, view transactions and view your program details.

Cardholder and Cards

All cards are associated to a cardholder. Upon initial creation of a cardholder in the Create Cardholder endpoint, both cardholder details and a card are created for the end user. A single cardholder can own multiple cards, but a card cannot be attached to multiple cardholders.

Berkeley will perform verifications for programs that have CIP/KYC requirements once a cardholder is created.

Please see the Create Cardholder section in the Issuing API Guide for more information on creating a cardholder.

Card Shipping

Physical cards will be shipped to cardholders upon creation of the cardholder for physical card programs. The Create Cardholder endpoint includes a field for cardholder shipping address. If this information is not filled out, then the cardholder address will be used instead.


Personal Identification Numbers are 4 digit codes that are used as an additional layer of security for cardholders at the time of purchase. Upon initial activation of cards, cardholders will have to set a PIN on their card. Depending on your program, the following options are available to our clients:

  • IVR - Automated phone system that a customer calls to set their PIN upon activation. PCI Compliance is not required for this option.
  • CSR - Call customer support to change their PIN post activation. PCI Compliance is not required for this option.
  • APIs - See the link attached for more information about which endpoints to use for getting and setting PINs. PCI Compliance is required for this option.

Card Status

The Modify Account Status API can be used to change the status of any cards. The API can be used to activate, suspend, or mark cards as stolen or lost. In the event of a suspended, stolen, or lost card, the user will also have the option to initiate an automatic replacement that will be sent to the cardholder shipping details on file.

Suspended cards cannot be used, but have not been cancelled. The same API call can be used to unsuspend the card. In contrast, stolen and lost cards are immediately deactivated for security purposes.

See this link for more information on Berkeley’s API.


For more information about Berkeley’s API, please follow this link: Berkeley API Documentation