3DS - Get Status

Poll for status of 3DS transaction under the case of a challenge during the 3DS flow.

Transaction Updates Response

id string

ID of the 3DSecure V2 Authentication

status string

Status Values types:

fetch_updates_failed - Failed to fetch updates
challenge_required - Challenge flow Required
authenticated - Payment card has been authenticated
authentication_attempt_acknowledged - Athentication attempt has been acknowledged
not_authenticated - Payment card was not authenticated
authentication_failed - Failed to authenticate

chargeback_protection_available boolean

Value indicating if chargeback protection is available at this point in 3DSecure V2 Authentication Process

creq string

Base64 encoded CReq that needs to be sent to the ACS when the status is C

authentication_status * string

Authentication Status types:

Y - Authentication Successful - The issuer has authenticated the cardholder by verifying the password or other identity info
A - Authentication was not available, but functionality was available - There will still be a liability shift
N - Not Authenticated /Account Not Verified; Transaction denied
U - Authentication/ Account Verification Could Not Be Performed; Technical or other problem,
C - Challenge Required; Additional authentication is required using
R - Authentication/ Account Verification Rejected; Issuer is rejecting authentication/verificat ion and request that authorisation not be attempted.

authentication_value string

Payment System- specific value provided as part of the ACS registration for each supported DS. Authentication Value may be used to provide proof of authenticatio

authentication_type string

Indicates the type of authentication method the Issuer will use to challenge the Cardholder

cavv string

Cardholder Authentication Verification Value - allows the card issuers to validate the integrity of the authentication

cavv_algorithm string

Indicates the algorithm used to generate the CAVV

eci * string

ECI Codes:

00 - Authentication failed (Mastercard)
01 - Authentication Attempted (Mastercard)
02 - Authentication Successful (Mastercard)
05 - Authentication Successful (Visa)
06 - Authentication Attempted (Visa)
07 - Authentication Failed (Visa)

acs_url string

Fully qualified URL of the ACS to be used for the challenge.

ds_trans_id string

ID for the corresponding transaction genereated by the DS.

acs_trans_id string

ID for the corresponding transaction genereated by the ACS.

sdk_trans_id string

ID for the corresponding transaction genereated by the SDK.

xid string

Transaction identifier for 1.0 requests.

error string

Description of 3DS error

error_detail string

Concise information of what's cause authentication to fail

error_code string

3DS error code

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