Get External Transfer

Get an External Transfer.


Returns a single External Transfer

ParameterRequiredData typeNotes
idYesNumberID for External Transfer
program_idYesNumberID of the Program associated with the Cardholder's account
cardholder_idYesNumberID of the Cardholder who is sending the transfer
account_idYesNumberID of the Cardholder's account who is sending the transfer
external_account_idYesNumberID of External Account receiving the transfer
external_tagNoStringName reference for the transfer
transaction_idConditionalStringTransaction ID reference for Transaction in Direct Send.
This data is only available for External Transfers of type direct_send_transaction after a successful transfer creation
amountYesStringExternal Transfer amount in cents
messageNoStringMessage to the recipient of the External Transfer
statusYesStringStatus received about the External Transfer from Direct Send
payment_idConditionalStringPayment ID reference for a Payment in Direct Send
Only applies to External Transfers that are of type direct_send_transfer
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