Visa ReadyLink User Guide

A short guide which describes procedures for merchants that will be able to reload your card when it has a “Visa ReadyLink” on its back side.

Reloading your Visa ReadyLink Card

  1. Check the back of your card for a “Visa ReadyLink” symbol (below) or contact your card issuer to find out if your card is enabled for Visa ReadyLink.
  1. Participating merchants will also share the Visa ReadyLink symbol on the kiosk, door, or register. This symbol identifies merchants that will be able to reload your card through Visa ReadyLink.

  2. To find a participating merchant, use the Visa ReadyLink Locator Map. Follow the instructions on the web page to find a convenient location.

  3. Bring your cash and card to the kiosk or cashier.

    1. Procedures for kiosks: Kiosk participants will swipe their own cards and insert the cash into the machine.
    2. Procedures for cashiers: The cashier will swipe your card and receive your cash.
  4. A receipt will be provided by either a kiosk or a cashier, and the cardholder will now be able to enjoy immediate access to their funds within the prepaid card account, dependent on card provider approval.