Virtual Card Overview

This quick start quide wil help you to undestand the the Berkeley Virtual Card flow for cardholders and its steps.

Berkeley clients that set up a Virtual Program are able to create and send virtual cards to their customers in real-time via the Berkeley Client Portal.

Cardholder Flow

The slideshow below shows the flow as per the cardholder experience. It is assumed that the Client has already placed the card order via Berkeley’s Client Portal.

The process steps are as follows:

  • The cardholder receives an email from Berkeley with information about the card they are receiving.
  • The cardholder then clicks on the Redemption Site link to redeem and activate the card.
  • The cardholder will be required to enter basic information into a form to activate the card, including email address and activation code.
  • Once the card is activated, the cardholder has the option to register for an account and add the card to the cardholder portal.
  • Once they are registered, they will be able to access their account via the Cardholder Portal.