FAQs - Implementation

All the Implementation related answers that can help you save time and resolve issues without generating a support ticket

Artwork Design:

What are the requirements when designing a Customized Card?

All of our packages use standard templates provided by the network and manufacturer. The design options available can be retrieved from the following link. More specific information will be provided depending on the Network and Bank Type.

Where can we position the Personalization Information (Cardholder name, PAN & Expiry)?

Personalization information can be positioned on the front or the back of the card.

When do we need to finalize our card art and is there flexibility to modify the copy at a later date?

Custom artwork needs to be finalized during bank approval. Any changes thereafter are subject to bank approval and additional fees may apply.

Can the back of the card (BOC) have a vertical orientation?

No, the BOC is always horizontal. On the BOC you are allowed to edit the following information: the support number if you are going to provide your own cardholder support and the background colour (additional fee of $0.25). You can also provide a URL, if your cardholders will be activating the card through your app.

Shipping Details:

How long does it take to ship a card and can we track the status of the delivery?

Shipment time is based on the shipping method chosen; not all shipping methods have tracking numbers. A tracking number can be found in the client portal or by using our Get Card Order Status api.

How will the cards arrive if we choose bulk shipping?

The cards will be consolidated and shipped into one package, however each card will be sealed in its own envelope.

Can we identify who a card belongs to by looking at the envelope?

Yes, the envelope will contain First Name, Last Name, Address and unique serial number the manufacturer assigns to each card.

What is the cost of making a change to Card Package?

The cost of making a change to the package is $250 per component. The Front of Card, Back of Card and Carrier are all considered separate components.

Are there any faster mailing options for Canadian cardholders?

Our standard option is USPS International Mail (7-21 business days). We also offer Canada Direct Mailing (7-10 Business Days) at a cost of $3.50 per package (includes postage). If this is a change to an existing configuration, then a one-time setup fee of $450 applies.

Program Inquiries:

When do cards expire?

Cards expire on the last day of the month of the printed expiry date on the card. Virtual cards also expire on the last day of the month. Card validity time frames (6, 12, 24 or 36 months) will be outlined in your program agreement.

Can we order Reloadable/Non-Reloadable cards without assigning a cardholder name?

KYC (Know Your Client) needs to be conducted for Reloadable Cards and Non-Reloadable Cards over $1,000. As a result, Cardholder Information is always required prior to an order being placed. Non-Reloadable cards under $1,000 are exempt from KYC.

Do Reloadable/Non-Reloadable cards have a Tap-to-Pay feature?

Reloadable cards can be enabled with the Tap-to-Pay feature. A contactless symbol will either be on the front or back of the card. Non-Reloadable cards are Magstripe only and do not have Tap-to-Pay capabilities.

How can cardholders retrieve their PIN?

Cardholders can call the phone number on the back of their card to retrieve their PIN. They can also view their PIN by logging into the cardholder portal (payaccount.io). Lastly, clients building an app, can choose to display the PIN using our Retrieve PIN api.

Can a cardholder activate their card if the physical card hasn't been shipped yet?

n order to activate their card, the cardholder must have access to the PAN, Expiry Date and CVV. This information is printed on the physical card. A Cardholder can activate their card if they have the PAN, expiry date and CVV by visiting payaccount.io or if you have an app you can use our Activate Card api.

Can we change card limits?

Yes, card limits can be changed, however all changes are subject to bank approval and additional fees may apply.

Can my first transaction be online?

The first transaction for Virtual and Magstripe cards can be conducted online. For EMV cards, the first transaction must be performed in a Chip-enabled terminal.