Account Closed Webhook

data Object (event payload)

FieldValueIs RequiredDescription
accountobjectYes IDs and identifiers associated with the account of an event (see below)
timestampDateYesDate and time the event is received by Berkeley

account Object

FieldValueIs RequiredDescription
idintegerYesid of cardholder account
cardholder_idintegerYesid of cardholder
processor_referencestringYesReference to the account on the processor's system
available_balancestringNoAvailable balance of account to spend
status_codestringNoaccount status code (see bottom of page for possible account status codes

Sample Request

    "program_id": 2,
    "event": "account_closed",
    "event_time": "2022-06-14T10:33:10.095071008-04:00",
    "data": {
        "account": {
            "id": 1,
            "cardholder_id": 1,
            "processor_reference": "129201097356"
            "available_balance": "500.00",
            "status_code": "closed"
        "timestamp": "2023-01-30T00:20:33Z"